Art is never static and neither is the Salimpour School of Dance. We have added a TON of new content to the online classes that is ready to challenge you. Below is a list of each class with direct links to access.  What are you waiting for? Start dancing!

Please note you will need an online subscription to successfully access the following classes. You can register for an online class subscription here.

Suhaila Level 1

  • SL1 Circles; S105Cc07ss; Alternating ribcage and interior hip circles. Class ends with fulltime feet and glutes plus arm work. Warmup, drills, combo, cool down.
  • SL1 Squares; S101cR15ss; Interior hip circles CW and CW. Warmup, drills, combo, cool down.
  • SL1 Interior Hip Squares; S104sq30ss; Interior hip squares quarter time and halftime.  Warmup, drills, across floor with cymbals, cool down.
  • SL1 Pelvic Locks; S102Lk18ss; Pelvic locks fulltime with slower music.
  • SL1 Squares; S109Sq18ss; Includes hip and ribcage interior hip squares and includes a funky combo at end of class.
  • SL1 Squares; S101sQ08ss; Hip interior hip squares and includes a fun debke combo at end of class.

Suhaila Level 2

  • SL2 Figure Eights; S201eG22ss; Figure Eights U-D and D-U with various foot patterns and finger cymbals; optional undulation layering. Warmup, drills, cool down.
  • SL2 Squares; S201Sq08ss; Alternating interior hip squares halftime, but to a fast tempo with challenging foot patterns (L2.5). Warmup, drills, combos across floor with cymbals, cool down.
  • S2 Pyramids and Vs; S203Vp19ss; Good basic pyramids and Vs class with movement breakdowns and foot patterns.  Warmup, drills, cool down.
  • SL2 Pelvic Locks; S202pK19ss; Pelvic locks alternating between full-and double time with finger cymbals (L2.5).  Warmup, barre work, drills, across floor, cool down.  Drills also about opening upper body.
  • SL2 Figure Eights; S304Pv25ss; Diamonds back dominant.  Dance Movement combo with leg-out-whip-spin.  Warmup, barre, drills, combo, cool down.
  • SL2 Circles; S205Hc07ss; Interior hip circles.  Alternating circles at barre with strengthening.  Circles CW and CCW for drills.  Basic layering introduction in home position with circles and upper body layering.  Drills end with double time feet and hips plus optional ribcage circles.  Warmup, barre, drills, across floor, cool down.
  • SL2 Pyramids and Vs; S210Py02ss; Includes fundamental breakdown of Pyramids and Vs
  • SL2 Three Quarters; S210Rq30ss; A bit more advanced class that includes both fulltime and double time 3/4s and uses the LRR cymbal pattern

Suhaila Level 3+

  • SL3+ Octagons, Pyramids, Squares; S305oM21ss; This class was a master class where Suhaila focuses on octagons, pyramids and squares. One of the main points of the class was to help dancers learn what it means to dance at a SL3/SL4 level. This is great for students who are working on their performance catalogs.  Students must have SL2+ status to access.
  • SL3 Pyramids, Squares, Three Quarters; S301sQ10ss; Squares, pyramids, and Vs with upper body layers.  Pyramids drilled at the barre, Vs across the floor with upper body layers, alternating squares with 3/4 ribcage slides, combo to a song from Suhaia’s Enta Omri double album.  Warmup, drills, combo, cool down.
  • SL3 Figure Eights; S303F814ss; Excellent class to work on layering with F8s.  Figure eights with finger cymbals and hip and ribcage layers.  Drills end with 3/4 Flamenco layered with upper body and LRR cymbals. Warmup, drills, cool down.
  • SL3 Figure Eights; S303eG28ss; Three quarter F8s dt with basic footwork.  Includes discussion of obliques related to F8s U-D/D-U and soft glute contractions.  Warm, drills, cool down.
  • SL3 Singles; S306Gs06ss; Singles with soft contraction upper body layering and combos with varying emotional perspectives through movement. Warmup, drills/combos, cool down.
  • SL3 Three Quarters; S311Rq01ss; Fulltime and double time three quarters, cool combo to El Toba from Enta Omri double album
  • SL3 Diamonds; S310hD04ss; Includes a bit of octagons, too; has a great combo using a phrase from one of the required L3 Choreographies

Dance Movement

Choreography and Stylization in PPV: