The documents below contain the latest version of the Salimpour Nomenclature and information.

Nomenclature.  The terms nomenclature, vocabulary, and terminology are interchangeable and refer to using the official School format language.  When students are instructed to prepare written documentation of their work using nomenclature, that means to use the format’s syntax.
Syntax.  Syntax refers to the specific ordered presentation of the nomenclature (vocabulary, terminology, and format language) when written.  Syntax was created as a means to document drills, phrases, and choreography in writing with a specific order and placement to provide consistency and ease of reading (using, when applicable, universal guidelines, protocols, and style guides).
Teaching.  When teaching a Salimpour class, a teacher will use nomenclature, but won’t necessarily speak in exacting syntax.  Depending on what a teacher is explaining or assigning, material may be presented in a manner that emphasizes the teacher’s intent using a visual and/or vocal inflection.  Of course, instructors are encouraged on occasion to help students understand written syntax, but they are not limited by syntax when teaching.  Any instructor written notes and documentation should be in syntax.

Learn about Suhaila’s Phrase Development Process in both her format and using the Jamila vocabulary.


A dance art book is used for documenting ideas and things that inspire you. Write, doodle, draw, and collage. Use the art book as a tangible, creative source and outlet for your notes, ideas, thoughts, influences, questions, frustrations, feelings, etc. on dance. Contribute to your dance art book regularly.

For members of the certification programs, you will be required to maintain a a dance art book beginning in Level 2. Your book should be no smaller than 9×12″ or B4 paper*. The same book can be used for each level and for both formats.

Beginning with Level 2, workshops have pre-workshop assignments and during-the-workshop homework for which you will need your art book. Bring your dance art book to every workshop L2 and above.

*B4 paper is 250mm x 353mm (9.8″ x 13.9″).

Your Certificate is a high resolution 8.5×11″ PDF file earned with The Salimpour School of Dance. The PDF file can be printed on your personal printer or sent to a printer of your choice for printing. We have designed these to be printed on white paper, but you can choose any paper color or cardstock style for your printed certificate.

The PDF file is password protected for viewing and printing only. To print your PDF file you will need the password certificate in all lower case. The certificate PDF file can not be changed or altered in any way. Please contact us if you have any questions about your certificate file.

Jamila’s speech presented at the International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, May 1997. PDF: JamilaSpeechICMEDMay1997sml

“From Many Tribes: The Origins of Bal Anat”, by Jamila Salimpour, Habibi, Vol. 17, No. 3. PDF: FromManyTribesOriginsofBalAnat

Begin here to get a more realistic idea of your available time for training.

Follow the instructions below and view the example training plan. For assignments within Suhaila’s certification program, use the format below as shown in the example training plan.

Key Elements to include in your training plan

List is in process.

In many of her classes and workshops, Suhaila teaches students to use a foam roller to help roll out muscles, especially areas like quads, the I.T. band, and hamstrings. Ashley Borden has created a roller instructional guide that provides an overview and then specific exercises on using the roller. Before using a roller, work with a qualified instructor or medical professional so you are using proper technique and selecting the correct exercises.

Ashley Border Foam Roller Instructional Guide PDF: AshleyBorden-RollingOut

Curriculum Materials

The following document lists the basic Suhaila format foot patterns and movements with level information.

Click below to download a PDF of the Suhaila format 8 week rotation.

Suhaila Format 8 Week Class Rotation

Click below to download a PDF of the Jamila vocabulary 12 week rotation for Fundamentals 2 (S102) and Foundations 2 (S202).


Fundamentals 1 and 2 Finger Cymbal Patterns

Music and Video

Suhaila Salimpour has produced music for Salimpour School students since her first album produced in the late 1980s.  Her catalog includes over 16 CDS and 2 double albums.  She also offers audio training for finger cymbals and format training.


  1. Suhaila Salimpour, the Salimpour School, and Suhaila International, LLC hold the copyright to the downloadable music.
  2. The music is for your own personal use to be played privately with the following exception: music may be played by instructors in class and workshops 1) provided that music credit is given and 2) provided that the classes are workshops are not videoed, taped, recorded, or otherwise captured.
  3. Music may not be used in any filmed, videoed recorded or taped classes, workshops, performances, DVDs, videos, sound files, etc. without prior and written permission from Suhaila Salimpour and Suhaila International, LLC.
  4. Music may not be duplicated, broadcast, copied, or mixed.

Music Use Permission Request form for performances and events. One request per event/calendar date. Permission given by email.

Salimpour School

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Top 10+ Singers, Old Days
Oum Koulthoum
Wadie el Safi
Abdul Halim Hafez
Muhamed Abdul Mouttaleb
Muhamed Abdul Wahab
Sabah Fakhri
Muhamed Fawzi
Fayza Ahmad
Najat El Sagira
Warda El Jazayriah

Top 10+ Composers
Muhammad Abdul Wahab (Inta Oumri for Oum Kalthoum)
Riad El Soumbati (Lissa Faker for Oum Koulthoum)
Zakria Ahmad (Houwa Sahih for Oum Koulthoum)
Baligh Hamdi (Gana El Hawa for Abdul Halim)
Mouhammad El Mouji (kariat El finjan for Abdul Halim)
Mouhammad El kasabji (rak El habib for Oum Kalthoum)
Rahbani Brother (most of Fayrouz’s songs)
Felimon Wahbeh (some of Fayrouz songs)
Mulhem Barakat (any songs composed by him)
Kazem El Saher (any songs composed by him)

Top 10+ Modern Singers
Amr Diab
Ahmad Doughan
Rageb Alama
Wael Kfouri
Nawal Zougbi
Najwa Karam
Fadel Shaker
Mouhammad Abdo
Abdul Majeed Abdulla
Nour Mehanna
Shadi Jamil
Mustapha Kamar
Nancy Ajram
Asi Hellani
Kazem El Saher
Mulhem Barakat

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