Salimpour 200 Level Courses

Salimpour Foundations 1     •     Salimpour Foundations 2

The Salimpour School offers 200 Level certification in both the Suhaila Salimpour Format and the Jamila Salimpour Step Vocabulary.  Details about training, courses, and certification is below.

In Salimpour Foundations 1 (formerly Suhaila Level 2) students continue developing muscle and body awareness while increasing the prevision, efficiency and fluidity of their movements. Layering concepts are introduced in the warm-up. Dancers begin integrating belly dance movements with dance movement and cymbals. Additional music theory, history and cultural elements are included. Choreography is introduced both as a training and testing tool.  Fundamentals 1  certification required.

In Salimpour Foundations 2 (formerly Jamila Level 2), students continue their study of the step families, movements, dance history, stylization, and cymbal patterns. Learning is promoted through technique, stylization, choreography, reading, and lecture. Learning tools, workshop information, testing details, and a list of the covered steps, cymbals, etc. are provided in this section.  Fundamentals 2  certification required.

Foundations 1 and 2 Courses

What are Foundations 1 and 2 Testing Preparation courses?

Foundations 1 and 2 courses are each twelve week online courses designed to prepare dancers for certification testing.  At the end of a course, with approval, students may test for the respective certification level.  Read the Course Curriculum documents:

How do I prepare for a Foundations test preparation course?

  • Use the Training and Resources document for preparation information and required materials, including preparation to submit video of yourself performing required choreography.
  • Read the course curriculum above for pre-course submissions, evaluation, and more.
  • For Foundations 1, focus on drilling movements halftime and fulltime in home position, at the barre, and in traveling drills.
  • For Foundations 2, focus on a solid understanding of each step default and reverses.

About Testing


12-Week Online Courses

Offered through the Suhaila Salimpour Institute of Online Education

Looking Ahead

For students with 200 level certifications, you have several Institute course options outlined in this document.

Foundations Workshops

Foundations 1 and 2 workshops are in-person events where instructors and students meet together in one location.  In contrast, Institute Courses are online events, where instruction is given over several weeks and students work from their own homes to study and submit assignments. Foundations workshops cover 200 Level concepts, and they are often combined with 300 Level material, as well.  Visit the Events and Workshop list a list of live workshops.