Salimpour 300 Level Courses

Salimpour Intermediate 1 and 2   •   Performance Preparation   •  TA Fundamentals

Salimpour Intermediate 1 and 2

The Salimpour School offers Salimpour Intermediate 1  (formerly Suhaila Level 3) certification and Salimpour Intermediate 2 (formerly Jamila Level 3) certification.  Details about these and other Level 300 courses are below.

In Intermediate 1, students combine elements, learning to layer and integrate movement.   They develop increased precision and stamina while layering movements with various timings, downbeats, foot patterns, arm positions and finger cymbal patterns. They also receive training in emotional preparation and choreography skills.  Foundations 1 and 2 certification is required to enroll in Intermediate 1 testing preparation courses and to test for Intermediate 1.

In Intermediate 2, students apply the Intermediate 1 layering and movement integration to the Jamila Salimpour Step Vocabulary.   By understanding the structure and technique in Suhaila’s format, students learn to expand the overall Salimpour format responsibly as they use the steps, sentiments, and stylizations from the Jamila Salimpour Step Vocabulary.   Foundations 1 and 2 certification is required to attend Intermediate 2 testing preparation courses and to test for Intermediate 2.  To test for Intermediate 2, both Intermediate 1 and Foundations 2  certification are required.

What are Intermediate 1 and 2 Testing Preparation courses?

Intermediate  1 and 2 courses are each twelve week online courses designed to prepare dancers for certification testing at the Intermediate level.  At the end of a course, with approval, students may test for the respective certification level.  Read the Course Curriculum documents for more information including prerequisites:

How do I prepare for a Foundations test preparation course?

  • Use the Training and Resources document for preparation information and required materials, including preparation to submit video of yourself performing required choreography.
  • Read the course curriculum above for pre-course submissions, evaluation, and more.

About Testing

Performance Preparation 1 and 2

Learn important skills and professionalism that are immediately applicable to your performances. The Performance Preparation online courses include assignments and evaluations of exits, entrances, drum solos, costuming, improvisation, emotional intent, staging, and more.  To prepare for the courses, the School has prepared online class training plans for regular subscribers that contain the needed preparation content.  These training plans include:  Raks Suhaila, Raks Jamila, Maharjan, Set El Hosen, and Unveiled Drum Solo.  For more information, read the curriculum documentation here:  P305b Performance 1 and P306b Performance 2 (coming soon).

The Performance Preparation courses are a requirement for Level 400. Foundations 1 and 2 are required to take Performance Preparation 1; Performance Preparation 1 is required to take Performance Preparation 2.  Students may take these course sonce they have Foundations 1 and 2 (Level 200) certification.

Teaching Assistant Fundamentals

The Teaching Assistant Fundamentals online course includes assignments and evaluations of warmups, movement breakdowns, explanations, classroom management, and move.  See the course description below.  Students must have Foundations 1 and 2 (S2 and J2) certification to attend.  Successful completion of a teaching Assistant Fundamentals course is required before students take the Teaching Assistant Foundations course.  Both the Teaching Assistant Fundamentals and Foundations courses are requirements for Teaching 1 (S5) and Teaching 2 (J5).  Read the Course Curriculum documentation here.

Looking Ahead

Students with Intermediate 1 and 2 Certification are eligible for the following courses.