Salimpour Collectives

When you become a student of the Salimpour School, you join a global community of talented and supportive dancers.

One of the great ways to connect with fellow students in your community is by joining or creating a Salimpour Performance Collective. The Salimpour Performance Collectives take great pride in presenting and representing the influential Salimpour legacy in belly dance. These performance groups are officially sanctioned by the Salimpour School and help to keep you motivated, inspired, and connected with the “Mothership.”

When you’re part of a Salimpour Performance Collective, you learn and perform choreographies in the Salimpour repertoire. You and your fellow dancers  support each other as you train and prepare for certification exams.  You also have the opportunity to work directly with our highly-trained Level 5 instructors, either in person or through Skype or Google Hangouts.

Members must have a Level 1 certifications in the Suhaila Salimpour and/or Jamila Salimpour Formats, be active in the program, and maintain a plan for the next certification level or format goal.  Group leaders, however, must maintain higher certification.

Collectives are groups (typically remote) of Salimpour certified dancers officially approved by the School to work together under the Salimpour name on Salimpour choreography and performances.  Members are actively pursuing Certification in the Salimpour Belly Dance Formats and demonstrate steady progress toward that goal.  Each Collective has one responsible Group Leader to represent and speak for the group, and each collective also has an assigned Choreography Captain(s) to assist the group in performance readiness and preparation.

While the Collectives are endorsed and authorized dance groups, they are separate entities from the School principal performing groups including Suhaila Dance Company, Repertoire Ensemble, and Bal Anat.

Titles.  Approved Collectives must use the official titles:  Salimpour Performing Collective [INSERT CITY/REGION; Salimpour Collective [INSERT CITY/REGION]; [INSERT CITY/REGION] Salimpour Performing Collective; [INSERT CITY/REGION] Salimpour Collective.

Collectives learn, rehearse, and perform Salimpour choreographies and shows.  The goal is for Collectives to maintain 3-4 pieces as show-ready while retaining previous  work and learning new material.  All choreography is cleaned up by a Choreography Captain prior to performance.  In many cases, the Choreography Captain is located remotely from the group, and the group must be cleaned up by Skype first individually and then as a group.

Note that all Salimpour Choreography needs approval before performing.  Salimpour choreography is intellectual property of Suhaila and the Salimpour School and must be respected as such.

If you are in the Salimpour School certification programs and are interested in forming or participating with a Choreography Collective, contact our office for more information!     or

Members of Salimpour Collectives can find more information at the webpage below.  Passcode available from the School and Group Leaders.

List of Collectives

Group Leader:  Rachel George.

Choreography Captain:  Rachel George.


Rachel George  SL5 & JL5

Vilia Bouilly

Gloria Lanuza

Kary Jacobsen

Junko Takano

Trisha Drennan

Vanesssa Solis

Marguerite Hughes

Andrea Rumery

Vasiliki Anavari

Beatrice Shelvin

Group Leader:  Beatrice Walker

Choreography Captain:  Rachel George.


Beatrice Walker

Faaridah Taylor

Leena Nichols

Majda Anwar

Jamie Lewis

Jenny Nichols

Whitney Barfield

Group Leader:  Yvonne Pereira-Dudley

Choreography Captain:  Yvonne Pereira-Dudley


Yvonne Pereira-Dudley

Ciana Boetius

Frances Garver

Group Leader:  Jane Chung

Choreography Captain:  Jane Chung


Jane Chung

Meng-Jane Chu

Shao-Ping Lin

Hsiu-Ling Chiang

Hsiu-Chen Chen

Tzu-Chun Liu

Priscilla Feng

Mei-Hui Lee

Beata Lin

Group Leader:  Anna Kemper

Choreography Captain:  Anna Kemper


Anna Kemper

Anjanie Dindyal

Xanthe Whittaker

Emma Butler

Kah Wei NG

Lorren Comert

Sarrah Bell

Alison Smith

Group Leader: Mariana Vieira

Choreography Captain: Abigail Keyes


Mariana Vieira

Theresa Schaub

Barbara Bauer

Group Leader: Maelle Quintart

Choreography Captain: Maelle Quintart


Maelle Quintart

Chantal Clement

Morgane Crispin

Deborah Deprez

Sonia Gaaloul

Lydia Lorenzino

Carol Morillo

Anais Van der Stichelen

Marjorie Vervaecke

Aurélie Finders-Binje

Alice Leroux

Nadia Kouach

Anne Piperidis-Elawady

Karin Poullier

Group Leader: Janelle Rodriguez

Choreography Captain:  Janelle Rodriguez


Janelle Rodriguez

Catherine Cooper

Amber Dratz

Amber Graham

Stefanie Schlief

Krystal Weaver

Jill Baker

Shannon Blake

Group Leader: Stacey Lizette

Choreography Captain:  Stacey Lizette


Stacey Lizette

Melanie Reynolds

Jane Brantley

Karlie Verkest

Melissa Bailey

Jennifer Kleiber

Gina Verlander

Sherry Allen

Jamie Cendon

Julie Kusak

Kelly McKinley

Stella Offner

Marlene De Lachica-Heibert

Rania Kandil

Tammy Mikeska

Alison Martino

Adrienne Marie-Beede Kizer

Nicole Barrick Renner

Kristen Antonowich Eveleth

Group Leader: Angelique

Choreography Captain:  Angelique



Shari Feather

Group Leader: Sabriye Tekbilek

Choreography Captain:  Sabriye Tekbilek

Group Leader:  Jasmin Victoria Skrutel

Choreography Captain:  Rachel George


Jasmin Victoria Skrutel

Lorraine Costello

Group Leader:  Larua Ayllon

Choreography Captain:  Larua Ayllon


Larua Ayllon

Sky Webber

Group Leader:  Leslie Holmes

Choreography Captain:  Angelique Hanesworth


Leslie Holmes
Stacie Clarke
Benita Hartwell
Manda Bourassa
Alison Corns
Amanda Robertson

Group Leader:  Traysi Ewayan

Choreography Captain:  Abigail Keyes


Traysi Ewayan

Fernanda Mottin

Micola Rooney

Lisa la Fae

Maree Patton

Wendy Hedley

Kristy Hill

Group Leader:  Donna Malano

Choreography Captain:  Angelique


Donna Manalo
Larry Saunders
Joselyn Wall
Rebecca Sullivan
Wendy Broadway
Helena Sviglin
Shannon Stromberg
Rebecca Condyles

Group Leader:  Marcia Gomez

Choreography Captain:  Marcia Gomez


Marcia Gomez

Matilde Valenzuela

Camila Andrade

Graciela Ponce

Felipe Bucarey

Tania Medina

María Ester Pino

Vanessa Cubillos

Marisú Parada

Souling Labbe

Claudia Maldonado

Ana Vallejos

Veronica Tobar

Shuying Hipp

María José Carreño

Fernanda Tumani

Pamela Lavin

Maritza Navarro

Veronica Poblete

Daniela Morales

Andrea Ramos

Francisca Lincognir

Mariana Perez

Valentina Valenzuela Rebolledo

Alicia Reyes

Cinthia Gonzalez

Scarleth Castillo

Adilen Reyes

Francisca Escobar

Group Leader:  Lenka Adamkova

Choreography Captain:  Lenka Adamkova


Lenka Adamkova

Bara Molova

Tomas Klinger

Leader & Captain:

Francesca Calloni
Tiziana Tosoni
Angela Pamela Parisi

Group Leader:  Stacey Lizette

Choreography Captain:  Stacey Lizette


Amanda Pooley-Brand

Rochelle Beaty

Laura Entwined

Group Leader:  Maria Palacio

Choreography Captain:  Stacey Lizette


Maria Palacio

James Carpenter

Paula Ransom

Judi Berry

Group Leader:  Nawal Doucette

Choreography Captain:  Nawal Doucette


Nawal Doucette

Keltie Darrah

Group Leader:  Abigail Keyes

Choreography Captain:  Abigail Keyes


Abigail Keyes

Amana Harris

Barbara Palacios

Didi Benedict

Ghazaleh Radaza

Jessica Fagan

Kayla Hummel

Lisa Price

Lisa Cobler

Mela Amaya

Parya Saberi

Patti Kjonaas

Rachel Duff

Sandi Harrington

Scarlett Baines

Tina Toy

Group Leader:  Alexis Real

Choreography Captain:  Rachel George


Alexis Real

Morgan Fay Fahrnbruch

Elinore Eaton

Group Leader: Lauryn Peterson

Choreography Captain:  Rachel George


Lauryn Peterson

Jillian Ricks

Group Leader:  Yuting HUNG

Choreo Captain:  Rachel George


Yuting HUNG

Lisa Tzu-chun CHEN

Shu-hui CHOU

Group Leader: Abby Keyes

Choreo Captain:  Abby Keyes


Elise Blondel

Group Leader:  Abby Keyes

Choreo Captain:  Abby Keyes


Toni Galietta

Group Leader:  Veronica Tobar Miranda

Choreo Captain:  Abigail Keyes


Veronica Tobar Miranda

Ana Vallejos

Graciela Ponce

Andrea Ramos

Estefanía Sánchez Rodríguez

Isidora Galdames Carvacho

Antonia Leiva Alvarez

Catherine Ruiz Barraza

Natalia Claudia Salazar Escobar

Marlene Daniela Rodriguez Jaque

Group Leader:  Alva Curtsdotter

Choreo Captain:  Abigail Keyes


Alva Curtsdotter

Group Leader: Nargis Coors
Choreo Captain:  Rachel George

Nargis Coors

Külliki Krabbi
Merry Atalar
Romana Baboeram
Charlotte Barton

Leader:  Angelique

Choreo Captain:  Angelique

Sally Myrfield
Kirsten Vance
Andrea Valez
Corinna Matei
Kayla Bowyer-Smyth
Stephanie Major

Leader: Stacey Lizette

Captain: Stacey Lizette


Jennifer Kleiber

Jane Brantley

Leader: Abby

Captain: Abby


Alva Curtsdotter

Leader & Captain:
Rachel George

Neshma Fairuz Barrera Karam

Leader & Captain:

Viktoria Gorchakova
Galina Gorlova

Leader & Captain:

Brandice Bryant

Leader & Captain:

Carol Hurley
Conny Castoreno

Leader & Captain:

Mariana Zumaran
Andrea Lucar

Leader & Captain:

Maritza Andrea Navarro Figueroa
Jessica Mella
Cristina Alejandra Pinto Figueroa

Leader & Captain:

Kristine Domino

Leader & Captain:

Barbara Giannantoni

Leader & Captain:

Donatella Zocchi

Suhaila Dance Company

The Suhaila Dance Company has been at the forefront of classical, contemporary, and fusion belly dance since its founding in 1996. Under the direction of acclaimed and groundbreaking choreographer and master instructor Suhaila Salimpour, the company performs classic and contemporary works by Salimpour herself, including the critically-acclaimed Sheherezade and her newest body of work, Enta Omri. SDC has performed throughout the United States and Europe, including multiple times at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. They have also appeared on multiple performance DVDs, including the Fitness Fusion series produced by Goldhill Entertainment, as well as on the documentary American Bellydancer.

The company includes some of the most highly trained belly dancers in the world; all company members hold a Level 3 certification or higher in the Suhaila Salimpour format. They also perform with Bal Anat, the folkloric and fantasy belly dance troupe begun by Jamila Salimpour in 1968 and under the direction of Suhaila Salimpour since 1999.