The School has revised the Level 4 Personal Performance Catalog requirements for the Suhaila and Jamila format certification programs. The new requirements can be found at this link:

These changes go into effect immediately and will apply to anyone testing after August 2015. For potential 2016 testers, compare the requirements against the catalogs you have prepared to date; after careful review, contact us with any concerns you have in preparing for the 2016 testing period.

Overview of Changes

  • Given the difficulty of finding opportunities to dance with a live Arabic band, the focus has shifted to specified performance sets.
  • Performances to live Arabic bands can still be included and applied toward your catalog hours.
  • The Suhaila and Jamila formats have separate performance set requirements.
  • Each performance set gives specific music selections and versions.
  • Album names are included so you can find the exact versions.
  • Additional performance sets will be added over the next few weeks.
  • The choreography, stylization, and prop requirements for both formats have been changed and outlined with more detail.

Changes to L4 Workshops

  • The Choreography, Improvisation, and Live Music weeklong has been divided into two separate workshops. A Choreography, Improvisation, and
  • Performance five-day will be held in early February; this will be followed by a four-day Live Music workshop.
  • The Live Music workshop will focus on working and improvising with a live Arabic band. Students preparing for L4 will need to attend and pass the Live Music module to test for L4. (Depending on experience, some students will be able to pass after one workshop; some may need to repeat the workshop/module.)
  • A dancer must pass the Live Music Module within a three-year time frame of her L4 testing. If timed correctly, the “pass” can apply to testing in both L4 formats.


  • Listen and perform to the music sets as much as possible.
  • Set up performance venues at your local studios to give yourself more performance opportunities with a live audience.