Kajira and Chuck are the co-producers of the extremely successful Tribal Fest that is held annually every May in Sebastopol, CA. Tribal and tribal fusion comprise a very popular and growing segment within belly dance. I am frequently asked about the Tribal Fest event. So late this summer, I interviewed Kajira and Chuck to answer the most common questions and for more “behind the scenes” details about this event.

Kajira and Chuck are enthusiastic and approachable, and you can see how their personal vibe sets the overall vibe for Tribal Fest. The interview gives you a good look at this motivated couple. I think you’ll find the segments both informative and interesting, so I hope you spend some time watching and learning more.

How It All Began: Kajira and Chuck discuss the beginnings of Tribal Fest, the vibe of the event, and its location in Sebastopol, California.

Not but Truth: Kajira discusses her studies with the Salimpour formats as well as the rules of Tribal Fest: a sanctuary focused on love, acceptance, joy and creativity.

Instruction: The couple discusses the variety of instruction available at the event.

Focus & Theme: Kajira and Chuck discuss the “tribal, folkloric & alternative” focus of the event as well as the performance application process.

Long Range Vision: The couple discusses their long range vision for Tribal Fest.

You can learn more about Kajira Djoumahna and Tribal Fest at her website www.blacksheepbellydance.com. You can also find Kajira Djoumahna, Chuck Lehnhard and Tribal Fest on Facebook.