As humans, we are innately drawn to storytelling. Historically, storytelling was a means for spreading and expanding knowledge. Stories allow us to develop a better understanding of ourselves and of others, and they play a large role in shaping who we are.  

However we tell a story (movement, film, song, photo) we are striving to form a connection and deliver a message to our audience. Dance is a universal language; it does not require, nor should it be limited by, literal translation. The beauty of dance is its ability to communicate raw human emotion. 

In the Salimour School, we work on all aspects of the dancer.  We learn technique, and we learn our natures.  We learn choreography, improvisation, history, culture, music, and emotional intent and context.  And each dancer integrates that work with her own life experience to become a better dancer .. .. a better storyteller.  

 “I explained it when I danced it.” 

A response from Dame Margot Fonteyn (1919-1991) in 1957 to a critic who asked her for a comment on her performance.