Join us for an eight week series on Persian Dance with Hannah at the Salimpour home studio in Albany, CA.  These classes will focus on technique and vocabulary, including arm gestures, traveling steps, and turns that will be combined into an exciting dance composition.   (Thursdays, March 19-May 7, 2015.)  Click here for more information about dates, times, location, and pricing.

Persian neoclassical dance is a solo virtuoso improvisational art form highlighting delicate hand flourishes, shoulder accents, expressive arms, ecstatic turns, and engagingly coy facial expressions.  Emphasis is on the upper torso as the dancer creates moving sculptures, gliding across the floor or sinking languidly into beautiful extensions, expressing ancient mythical symbology and spiritual longing through fluid shape-shifting.

Hannah Romanowsky (M.A. East-West Psychology, B.A. Dance Ethnology and World Music)  is the Founder and Director of the DanceVersity multicultural youth arts education program. She is a classically-trained professional performing artist and dance educator who draws her aesthetic impulse from a diverse background in both Eastern and Western dance traditions. A specialist in Persian dance, Hannah has been Principal Artist with Ballet Afsaneh for many years and is a founding member of the ethno-contemporary company Wan-Chao Dance. She has performed multiple times in San Francisco’s Ethnic Dance Festival, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the British Museum in London, the Roof of the World Festival in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan, and at theaters and festivals in China and India. While in Tajikistan in 2011, Hannah was an Artist-in-Residence at the Padida Dance Theater of Dushanbe and trained with some of the most highly regarded masters of Central Asian dance. Hannah is a beloved instructor known for her personal warmth, breadth of knowledge, and elegant, graceful style.

Photo by Mama-T.  Hannah Romanowsky with Bal Anat (directed by Suhaila Salimpour) in Santa Cruz, CA, Fall 2014.