This winter, give yourself permission to train. Open yourself to not just physical growth, but mental and emotional, as well. Surrender to the work, and enjoy the process.

Sometimes we begin viewing our training as the enemy. We get burned out or lose momentum or interest. But often a change in perspective is helpful. Consider that everything you do on the dance floor extends off the floor and slowly permeates into everything you do. The posture and strength you build on the dance floor is the posture and strength, literally and figuratively, that you take into everyday life. Don’t just show up and go through the motions. Learn to really focus on your training as time for you and your personal development.

If you have lost ground on your technique, focus on regaining that ground. If you’re not good at learning choreography, challenge yourself to learn one. If you’re having trouble with finger cymbal patterns, commit yourself to working through your temporary plateau. Give yourself permission to work on yourself. Give yourself permission to really engage in the work for that short time you are on the dance floor. And give yourself permission to enjoy the process.