Jamila Salimpour’s intimate experience working with elephants during her time performing as an acrobat with the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus in the 1940’s, had a profound effect on her that has lasted a lifetime. Throughout her life, she has remained a loyal advocate for animal rights, particularly adamant about the release of elephants from the entertainment industry. As Jamila Salimpour’s 90th birthday is approaching, we are blessed to be celebrating the long anticipated release of elephants from Ringling Bros shows, as well as the life of the woman who created the foundation of modern belly-dance in the US. In lieu of gifts for her birthday this year, Jamila is asking for donations to be made to retired elephants residing at PAWS, a wildlife refuge that offers them peace and dignity for the remainder of their lives. To make a gift donation in honor of Jamila please Click here.