I have often been asked “why do you dance?” In a recent interview, I was asked “for whom do I dance?” I knew my answer immediately. The most important person for whom I dance is my daughter, to share my art and love with her and to show her how to express herself to the fullest, whatever her chosen art might be. But I also dance for myself, for the rich culture and music of my primary dance form, and my students.

For whom do YOU dance? Perhaps it is for yourself or a loved one. Perhaps it is for your local dance community from whom you want respect or approval. Perhaps you dance because that’s the continued “cost of entry” to be a part of your social group. Maybe you dance for someone who cannot dance. Maybe you dance for yourself as an outlet for your emotions and creativity. Perhaps the answer changes over time.

I encourage you to think about your answer to the question. Your answer might affect why you dance and how you train. For some, this question will be hard to answer. For others, it will be easy. But whatever you find in the answering (evaluation, revision, affirmation), your path forward will have further direction and purpose.