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What It Is:

The new Online Testing Module is the perfect opportunity for dancers to go through the Level 1 Certification process via an online course!  Ideal for the long distance dancer to study and test from the convenience of home.

Time Commitment:

This course is a 6 week commitment (March 17, 24, 31, April 7, 14); Practical due May 14, 2019.
Videos, assignments, and posts are rolled out consecutively each week, and the program follows the Salimpour L1 curriculum as taught in workshops.

Review the Training Method in Advance:

If you don’t already have one, create an account at SalimpourSchoolOnline.com.  It is free to join, and you don’t need to enter payment information to create an account.  It is through this account that your videos will be delivered to you weekly during the course.  We also recommend that you use the free 3-day trial to test out the classes to determine if this learning method works for you.

Advanced Preparation and Prerequisites:

Pre study work should be completed before taking the online testing course.  Dancers are expected to have completed or actively working on the following:

  • A minimum of 3 (8 week rotations – per format) of Online Classes
  • Cymbal Jams download patterns for L1
  • For the JL1 module, you must have a SL1 certification to sign up

Course Breakdown

Each week you will receive limited access to specific course material designed to progressively take you through the course.  The program follows the Salimpour L1 curriculum as taught in workshops.

In addition to the required course videos, you will have weekly assignments, documentary videos, interactive questions with your instructor, and reading material. At the end of the course you will have the option to proceed immediately to an online certification testing phase that includes two parts: an online written test and a practical exam (submitted via video for evaluation). You have 30 days after the last date of the course to complete the online written test and video practical exam. The testing phase requires an additional fee; click here for online course certification testing fee.

Personal Instructor:

As part of the course, a personal instructor is available to you for direction, questions, explanations, motivation, examples, feedback, and other course study information.

Skype Check-In:

Students who study remotely may not have the awareness of whether they are moving or playing cymbals correctly.  It is always best to check!  We have L5 instructors available and recommend that along with this course and study that you have a check in with a L5 instructor to get feedback on your progress in the course as you prepare to test.  You can do this by filming yourself in the areas you need, schedule a Skype Private and submit video for feedback.  All Skype pricing is listed under Classes

Resources Needed:

  • Suhaila L1 Study Guide Manual
  • The New Danse Orientale Manual (finger cymbal breakdown)
  • Finger cymbals
  • Cymbal Jams download
  • Level 1 Finger Cymbals L & R dom on the Jamila Tri-Fold

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