Wow, what a great summer! From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank each and every student who traveled to the mother ship for a summer workshop. We see your progress and commend your dedication to your training.

With the wrap-up of the 2017 workshops, we’re already thinking about 2018. Suhaila has made some changes to the summer 2018 workshop schedule to help students meet their certification goals. We’re excited to see you next summer!

  • The Summer 2018 SL2 is now 25 hours and four days; it crosses over a weekend. Click here for dates and registration.
  • The Summer 2018 JL2 is still five days, but it now crosses the same weekend as the L4 Certification Show!! Click here for dates and registration.
  • Last year’s summer Suhaila Level 3 workshops sold out in February and this year’s winter and summer level 3’s are filling up! Guarantee your spot today and register here.
  • NEW: Suhaila has added a new Performance Prep workshop which is a precursor and prerequisite for the Live Music weeklong. The first Performance Prep will be held summer 2018 as part of the workshop block, and Sabriye will be the instructor! Click here for dates and registration.

Level 4 Improv-Prep Choreography Set Pre-Requisites

Suhaila has added four Improv-Prep choreography sets as one of the prerequisites for entering SL4. By working with the solo choreographies, students are learning material that will better prepare them for working on their performance catalogs, for the certification choreographies, and for performance in general. Click here for more information.