Suhaila’s choreography to Ali Gara is now available in Suhaila’s online classes. The music and choreography are incredibly beautiful. In love, sometimes the timing is off. . . things never quite line up. Sometimes by not acting on those first impulses or feelings toward someone. . .by acting too little and too late. . . the time has passed for good. This theme is visited in the choreography. In 2008, Suhaila staged the choreography for a Repertoire Ensemble performance at Rakkasah West; when you watch the video, you can especially see this theme represented in the staging.

The choreography is taught in four one hour classes by Gina, a Suhaila Format Level 5 certified dancer; it is taught step-by-step, layer-by-layer using Suhaila’s specific dance nomenclature with clear instruction. For more information about the choreography, visit online classes. The music is available on CD (and in a downloadable version) on the Arabian Musicals Volume 3 album.